Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions between Bridgeman Technologies Ltd and its customers. Bridgeman Technologies and BRI-TEC are trading names of the private limited company, Bridgeman Technologies Ltd (Company #09018375). All work undertaken by Bridgeman Technologies Ltd is completed at the clients risk and Bridgeman Technologies Ltd assumes no responsibility for the outcome of any work undertaken. This responsibility is kept by the client or customer, which agrees to these terms and conditions upon agreement for work to commence, either in writing or verbally.

Priced Per Hour Services

Work that is completed outside of a fix price agreement is completed and charged on a per hour basis. There is a service charge for work requiring a callout service, which is chargeable regardless of any work being completed, or the outcome of any work completed. If the callout is related to the repair of hardware or software, and we are unable to find and suggest a solution to the given problem, Bridgeman Technologies Ltd may offer to hold any hourly charge. In this situation, only the callout fee will be charged.

Fixed Price Services

In some cases, Bridgeman Technologies Ltd may charge larger or self-contained work at a fixed price. If this is the case, Bridgeman Technologies Ltd will issue the client/customer with a quotation which will have to be signed and returned to Bridgeman Technologies Ltd by an authorising personnel of the customer, and returned to Bridgeman Technologies Ltd before any work is commenced. Any estimated dates of completion may be delayed if incorrect information is given or complications regarding the work arise. If this is the case, Bridgeman Technologies Ltd withholds the right to refund the client/customer. For clarity, this means no refunds or discounts will be given unless Bridgeman Technologies Ltd agrees to a refund or discount.

Intellectual Rights

Bridgeman Technologies Ltd owns the intellectual rights of all work completed unless agreed by both parties, in writing, that the client/customer will take ownership of the rights upon completion of the work. Where Bridgeman Technologies Ltd own the intellectual rights and there is no agreement in place to transfer the rights to the client/customer, Bridgeman Technologies Ltd may choose to re-use, amend, change or distribute any work completed, to other third parties without the consent and without notification of the original client/customer.


Bridgeman Technologies Ltd currently only accepts cash, cheque, BACS and balance transfers as payment methods. Private/Home clients are required to pay a deposit of £20 prior to the commencement of work, with the balance becoming payable in full after the work is completed. Invoices should be paid in full within 48 hours of receipt. Bridgeman Technologies Ltd may charge an administration fee or late payment charges if the balance in not cleared within 48 hours. Failure to pay any owing invoices will result in legal action.

Returns & Refunds

Products bought from Bridgeman Technologies Ltd are covered with a standard 12 month warranty. If the product is found to be faulty and is non-repairable by Bridgeman Technologies Ltd, a replacement or refund will be given depending on the available stock of the product. There are no refunds for programming services, including but not limited to, website design, application development and database development.